Dr. Mike Schlesinger is a licensed psychologist and certified Rubenfeld Synergist with a practice in  Ambler, Pennsylvania.  His doctorate is from Temple University.  With over 35 years of clinical experience as a psychologist he specializes in working with issues of:  anxiety, anger, relationships, and recovery from trauma and loss.  

      I have trained in a variety of theories and techniques and employ several non-pharmacutical approaches to treatment, including Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral, Somatic, Mindfullness, etc. depending on the needs of the client.  Working in State Hospitals as well as in private practice  has given me the opportunity to deal intensively with a variety of life issues and has polished my clinical skills. I have seen how emotional traumas affects the bodies of clients, especially in terms of distortions of posture, restrictions of movement, and the development of chronic illnesses and somatic complaints.  In the early 1990s I was drawn to study the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® (RSM), a gentle, supportive body-oriented psychotherapy developed by Ilana Rubenfeld more than forty years ago.  Even clients who have been severely physically, emotionally, and sexually abused have shown an amazing healing response to this respectful, non-invasive blend of touch and talk

       My RSM training has taught me how to really listen and to be more present.  I am very aware of my clients’ breathing, posture, facial expressions, use of language, tone of voice, mental imagery, energy, contactfullness, curiosity, etc.  Also, I encourage them to become more aware of their bodies and to bring more touch into their close relationships.  Often I get feedback that talking with me is easier than with other therapists they have seen.   I also help clients to be better at setting boundaries which results in better self-care.  Movement and use of verbal metaphor help the client increase awareness and express emotions that have been blocked. The client's own inner wisdom is called upon to make choices about resolving the conflicts and to integrate their new awarenesses. The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® has greatly enriched my life, both personally and professionally. It is both the most powerful and yet gentle form of psychotherapy I know of.

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